HK – Sushi Lunch Set at Sushi Ta-Ke


Starter: Few pieces of sashimi, quality is fresh.


Starter: Fresh salad with an appetising sauce.


Starter: Chawanmushi


Sides: Pickled Radish & Burdock Dipped in Sesame, refillable.


Sushi – Scallop


Sushi – Shrimp



Sushi – Toro, nice piece, one of my favourites this time.


Sushi – Uni, fresh, very nice piece, great quality.image

Negitoro Roll to finish, instructed to dip into soy sauce, quite nice.


Dessert – Yuzu Sorbet


Sushi Ta-Ke has been one of the lunch spots I have revisited time and time again. I always enjoy sitting at the counter and ordering the 8 pcs sushi set and watching the sushi chefs at work. For Causeway Bay, the price for the 8 pcs sushi set is cheaper than other sushi restaurants of this caliber (ie. Kishoku and Sushi Mori), priced at $348 + 10% for this Deluxe Sushi Set, it is definitely a great deal considering you get 3 starters, 8 pcs plus a roll and a dessert. You also have the option to swap your dessert for tea/coffee but I love the Yuzu Sorbet and I always end up ordering it to finish off my meal here.

The ambiance is great and the service is attentive, recommended for a nice sushi lunch. I rarely frequent the Cubus building even though it is loaded with restaurants, but it is worth the trek there for this lunch deal. My favourite pieces: Toro and Uni, hands down.


Sushi Ta-Ke

12/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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