HK – Tasting Dinner at VEA Restaurant & Lounge


Starter: Everything on the table is fair game. Edible.


Amuse Bouche 1: Crispy fried chicken skin.


Amuse Bouche 2: Clams and Black Bean in Shell. Asian style.

imageAmuse Bouche 3: Smoked Quail Egg. This was our favorite. Great presentation & flavors.



Tuna, Hokkaido Uni, Espelette, Burnt Cucumber Jelly. Beautiful.


Abalone, Goji Berry, Risotto, Shirako. For those that don’t know, Shirako is Cod’s Sperm. I do like Shirako but this was not one of my favorites of the night.


Langoustine, Salsify, Fennel, Custard Apple. Mmmmmm, this hit the spot.


Egg, Truffle, Parmesan, Caviar. Chef Vicky’s signature. I enjoyed this dish back at Liberty Private Works, it’s just rich & delish.

imageBlack Truffle Fried Dough Stick to go with the Egg dish. Please give me more.


Guinea Fowl, Celeriac, Black Truffle, Hazelnut.

Baby Lamb, Fuyu, Bamboo, Water Chestnut. Interesting take on the lamb hot pot in Chinese restaurants.


Strawberry, Beetroot, Rosemary, Yogurt.


Huge props to the pastry section, We saw them work on this for half an hour minimum. Hard work pays off.

Milk Jam, Salted Duck Egg, Quinoa. I was a huge fan of this back in Liberty Private Works, seems like it’s changed a little though. Still good, but definitely was better before. Off night?


Petit Fours: Condensed Milk Mochi, Salted Kamquat Macaron, Chocolate Caramel Truffle, Orange Earl Grey Madeleines. What a great way to end the meal. Satisfied.


Orange Earl Grey Madeleines. Oh yum.


Condensed Milk Mochi, Salted Kamquat Macaron, Chocolate Caramel Truffle. All good, bravo.


Chef Vicky himself. Thanks for the great meal, we will be back!

Compared to the tasting menu, we felt that the cocktail pairing fell a little short.My favorite was probably the last one, served in a tea cup stem glass. Cute. It was Rosehip Hibiscus, Apple, Dehydrated Citrus, Basil Gin.


VEA Restaurant & Lounge did not disappoint, I had high hopes since we frequented Liberty Private Works a few times when Chef Vicky was still working there. Some of our favorites from Liberty Private Works are still on the menu here, which we were excited about. Priced at $1,280 for the tasting menu, I would say it is well worth the money. The extra $680 for the cocktail pairing can be spared though, we were just not that intrigued by it. We have to say, we were very excited for the cocktail pairing going in, but it was underwhelming.

The ambiance is fantastic and we enjoyed the music. Scrolling through VEA’s instagram feed, we love how Chef Vicky puts his heart into everything about the restaurant. You can tell how passionate he is and how much effort he has put into this project. Extra props for that, it definitely shows. Everything was on point. Three favorites for the night: Tuna, Egg, Milk Jam. Thank you Chef Vicky and see you next time.

We would really like to go back to try the Lounge as we’ve heard great things, and have actually heard good comments regarding the cocktails! VEA is definitely a must try for all that love a good gastronomic journey. They deserve a Michelin Star!


VEA Restaurant & Lounge

29/F & 30/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 2711 8639


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