HK – Lunch at Ted’s Lookout


What a gem hidden in Wanchai. Great decor in and out.


Cute decorations like this throughout the restaurant.


We opted for a Burger and Buffalo Wing Lollipops. Yum.


Buffalo Wing Lollipops. We don’t know where you will find better Buffalo Wings than here. And the blue cheese sauce is on point.


Stack Your Own Burger: What a burger! Complete DIY, you can even choose bunless.

Ted’s Lookout is definitely a gem in Wanchai, this place has been opened for awhile but this was our first visit. It definitely did not disappoint. We had a light lunch and only chose two items, it was a good amount of food for two person. I would highly recommend this place for a relaxing weekend lunch place, good vibes only indeed.

The Buffalo Wing Lollipops were absolutely divine. We have had our fair share of buffalo wings in Hong Kong and they normally do not resemble buffalo wings from North America. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased with these ones, especially the blue cheese sauce on the side. Wow. As for the burger, everything was DIY and we opted for a beef with the usual lettuce and tomato and a truffle sauce. The burger was good, but not the best in Hong Kong with the huge competition. The price was also quite high too as you had to pay per topping and even sauce was extra money. All in all, the wings are highly recommended and we would recommend this place to friends looking to chill. A great place for tourists too as it is definitely a photogenic place.


Ted’s Lookout

G/F, Moonful Court, 17A Moon Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: 5533 9369

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