Bali – Dinner at Metis


Wasn’t expecting to find a nice French Fine Dining restaurant in Bali, but it happened.

Pan Searedimage

Impressive restaurant entrance.


<Our Legendary Pan Seared Hot Foie Gras> – This WAS indeed legendary. Foie on Foie on Foie action.


Les Escargots – Classic French affair, not nearly as attractive looking as the foie gras but just as tasty.


Appetizers of the night. Legendary Pan Seared Hot Foie Gras and Les Escargots.


The Lounge and Garden At METIS. We went for a stroll before our appetizers came out and took in the romance.


Great dining area surrounding the garden, so peaceful, so Bali.


Our Ribeye medium rare to perfection. Juicy goodness.


Frites with our steak. These hand cut frites were hard to put down.

MÉTIS is probably the best French restaurant in Bali. What a romantic place. The dining area surrounding the garden was genius, this is definitely a place to pop the question. The food was fantastic, classic French done right. The foie gras WAS legendary, probably our second favorite of all time after the one at restaurant Akrame.

This ambiance was chill and there was a DJ that night to top the experience off. This will be a regular place for us to visit whether we are in Bali. We would definitely like to go back next time to try more items on the menu. Their T-Bone sounded very attractive, but there was only two of us this time. Definitely need to gather more people for a trip back to Bali asap. Service was top notch, there was a bug on the floor near our table and they sweeped it up in seconds. Attentive, perfect.



Jl. Petitenget No. 6 Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta, Bali

Tel: +62 361 4737 888




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